I am not a good writer, but believe me when I say that this is a good story. A story written not by us, but by the One who is above. When we were just dating, we went to this special place called Drammen, where stars seem to be lying on the ground staring at us. When Ed Sheeran´s song  started to play on the radio, I took her hand and asked her to dance with me. It immediately became one of our favorite places. On the 20th of May 2017, I decided to go back with the most important people in her life. And that was the moment. I couldn't believe I was asking my dream girl to marry me, but what was even more incredible was her finally giving me that one sweet, nerve-wrecking "Yes".


Do take some time to watch how that beautiful day went...


- Genesis


How do I even begin to narrate my own proposal? As co-founder and owner of SGmedia, this simply emphasizes the real purpose of this company.

Everything happened so fast. I could barely remember the words that came out of his mouth. Nothing was sinking in, not even the gesture, the flowers or balloons. I couldn't believe my own eyes. Perhaps I simply chose not to believe. But then, he was down on one knee and I could no longer act oblivious. My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking, my mind was all over the place. I was filled with so much emotions, even tears and apparently 'muta' (eye crap), I could barely see what was going around me. Familiar faces had suddenly jumped out of nowhere. My friends. My family. They were surrounding us with the greatest love and support. I had to take a moment to pinch myself and check I wasn't dreaming.

When emotions were tackled and I had gathered my thoughts - the first word that came out of my mouth wasn't "yes". It was a bunch of questions that my mind had accumulated. Have you asked my parents? Have you asked your family? Have you even asked the Lord? I said. Are you sure? Are you completely sure on what the heck you're getting yourself into?! What quickly turned into a question-and-answer portion and a round of yes's from his side - it was finally my turn.

A deep breath and life-decision to make....... YES. Yes, Genesis Masangcay. Yes, I want to be your future wife! It took me one YES, a bunch nodding and an ugly face from crying; and the (too big) but beautiful diamond ring was slipped onto my skinny finger: Guys, I am officially off limits.

Biggest cheers to a well-planned proposal that none would've been remembered if not for SG media capturing my greatest memory to date. Thank God for videography! And thank you, partner for all the small and big efforts! You are the best in every single way!

- Sheryl