Diana and Chester


To the wedding that was nothing less than spectacular! With every detail artistically crafted and planned by the groom and bride themselves, their wedding was sure to be a success. From elegant centerpieces and well-thought designs, to wooden frames and a fun-filled programme, Diana and Chester certainly didn’t hold back to make their dream wedding come true. Who needs a barn to get rustic vibes when you have the minds and efforts like the two. But enough with the wedding details. (Though I’d like to emphasise all the more on its beautiful cake and Italian-inspired three-course meal!)

With a relationship founded in love and sprinkled with understanding, this couple is sure to with-stand every circumstance ahead of them. The patience and ounce of love overflows around, through, from and with them. From the moment we shook hands to bidding our farewell, we quickly realized their genuinely kind hearts. They deserve all the happiness in this world and we rejoice in their finally-found life treasure. We pray for their success and new journey! Keep loving, stay patient and overall understanding. Congratulations Diana and Chester. Grow old and enjoy the journey. The best is yet to come!

PS. We admittedly gained a kilo from your wedding. Thank you for sharing this day with us. You rock.